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Lihat Definisi untuk apokalupto 601
Lihat Definisi untuk delos 1212
Lihat Definisi untuk phaneroo 5319

Bandingkan: 5319, 601

5319 is thought to describe an external manifestation, to the
senses hence open to all, single or isolated; 601 is an
internal disclosure, to the thinking believer, and abiding.
The 601 or "unveiling" precedes and produces the 5319 or
"manifestation"; the former looks toward the object revealed,
the latter toward the persons to whom the revelation is made.
Some question this explanation.

Bandingkan: 5319, 1212

1212 - evident, what is known and understood

5319 - manifest, as opp. to what is concealed and invisible

1212 points rather to inner perception, 5319 to outward appearance.

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Pencarian Tepat
Pencarian: pasal (Mat 5); ayat (Mat 5:11); kutipan (Mat 5:1-12); kata (Surga); nomor strong (25);