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Lihat Definisi untuk deesis 1162
Lihat Definisi untuk enteuxis 1783
Lihat Definisi untuk proseuche 4335

1162 is petitionary, 4335 is a word of sacred character, being
limited to prayer to God, whereas 1162 may also be used of a
request addressed to man. 1783 expresses confiding access to
God, 1162 gives prominence to the expression of personal need.
4335 to the element of devotion, 1783 to that of childlike
confidence, by representing prayer as the heart's conversation
with God.

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Pencarian Tepat
Pencarian: pasal (Mat 5); ayat (Mat 5:11); kutipan (Mat 5:1-12); kata (Surga); nomor strong (25);