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Sinonim untuk: To Rebuke; Rebuke, Accusation.

Lihat Definisi untuk epitimaw 2008
Lihat Definisi untuk elegcw 1651
Lihat Definisi untuk aitia 156
Lihat Definisi untuk elegcov 1650

epitimaw means simply to rebuke, in any sense. It may be
justly or unjustly, and, if justly, the rebuke may be heeded or it may

elegcw, on the other hand, means to rebuke with sufficient cause,
and also effectually, so as to bring the one rebuked to a confession
or at least a conviction of sin. In other words, it means to

A similar distinction exists between the nouns aitia and
elegcov. aitia is an accusation, whether false or true.
elegcov is a charge which is shown to be true, and often is so
confessed by the accused. It has both a judicial and a moral meaning.

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Pencarian Tepat
Pencarian: pasal (Mat 5); ayat (Mat 5:11); kutipan (Mat 5:1-12); kata (Surga); nomor strong (25);