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Sinonim untuk: Tribe, Family, Household.

Lihat Definisi untuk fulh 5443
Lihat Definisi untuk patria 3965
Lihat Definisi untuk oikov 3624

These words form a series. fulh is sometimes a race, nation,
but usually a tribe, such as one of the twelve tribes of Israel,
descended from the twelve sons of Jacob.

patria is a smaller division within the tribe, it's an association
of families closely related, in the N.T. generally used of those
descended from a particular one of the sons of Jacob's sons.

oikov is yet narrower, household, including all the inmates of
a single house, being the unit of organization.

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Pencarian Tepat
Pencarian: pasal (Mat 5); ayat (Mat 5:11); kutipan (Mat 5:1-12); kata (Surga); nomor strong (25);